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 Making voice clearer, Making world smaller, Making people closer...

  The fast growing headset, microphone, multi-media PC peripherals and cellular phone accessories developer & supplier


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Billnic, a multinational computer parts and communication accessory supplier, incorporated in United Stated to focus on  headset, microphone, megaphone, data cable, digital storage kits and cellular phone accessories design, manufacture and distribution. With industrial bases on Asia counties plus our professional experience, we are proud that we have not only provided lowest price with top quality products, but also have provided superior technical support to enable our customer to effectively work, play, and communicate in today's digital world.

As a keeping growing company, Billnic has significantly broadened its product offering and increased its presence in the retail sector, as consumers enhance their basic systems with more fully featured interface devices that add functionality to their desktops, as well as supplementary devices designed for new applications and specific purposes such as gaming, multimedia or visual communication on the Internet and digital communication network.


We site our manufactories in world's largest IT and communication manufactory base of Asia Pacific region. In the past few years, we planned, prepared and invested for creating our product making home. Under hard working, today, our products, from computer headset, microphone to other computer peripherals, from cellular phone accessories to digital video & camera batteries, etc. all are successfully manufactured or assembled in workshops by skillful employees.




Maybe same or not same as other businesses. We bring our business down to the earth which mean that we  only providing customer useful product with lowest price. We believe that this no doubt beneficial both our customer and our corporation.

"We making, we selling" - This is our business model.

"Made in Asia, sold in the world"  - This is our strategy.

"Lowest price, lifetime warrantee" - This is our sales tool.

We value all of our customers. We do not care how many pieces that you want to buy, and what is the among that your order will be. Even one piece  or one cent, you are welcome, and we are waiting service for you.


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Billnic Corporation

P. O. Box 1183

Alhambra, California 91802



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