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     Making voice clearer, Making world smaller, Making people closer...

The fast growing headset, microphone, multi-media PC peripherals and cellular phone accessories developer & supplier







Latest Technology

High Quality Affordable Price Superior Technical Support




With the technology of Call Clarity to enhances product for better signal transmitting and receiving. The  Noise-canceling technology used for microphone design that greatly reduces the transmission of background noise, enhancing headset sound quality. In advance, we adopt today's most popular USB technology to have our  headset and microphone easily merged with computer system. Also, our Bluetooth headset can satisfy various user need.

Not only we provide voice products in latest technology, but we also do the same on  computer peripheral products. All of our products use world leading IC developer's newest technology. All of our products have modern and useful design. That why our products are recognized by our customers in the world, especially in North America.  



*The Bluetooth word mark and logos are owned by the Bluetooth SIG, Inc.


Beyond launching the latest technology to keep our products quality ranking on the top level in the world, our designer,  technician and all of our employees focus on most ways to enhance and keep our products quality with customers satisfactory. We always remind our employees that "Quality is company's life!" We say this seriously, we do this from very little.

From raw material purchasing to product design, producing, packaging, etc., we have been  launching a strict quality control policy and procedure. We guarantee that all of our products meet industrial and most countries as well as worlds major organizations standards, which including CE, FCC or UL.




*The logo of CE. FCC and UL used here indicted some of our products have one or more of these criticasters.


"The value is really over its price" - this is what most our customers and resellers said.

Our primary goal is to provide the top quality product with the lowest price which can be afforded by everyone. Now, we are proud that we hit what we wanted!

We have our products designed and developed  in United States to keep our product always lunching new technology. Also, we place our products in pacific countries to reduce our product's manufacture cost. Even this business model and operation is complex and not easy to control, but we have down it very successful. We are sure that our best products quality and lowest price will benefit both you and us.


We value our customers and we take care our products on either manufacture line, road of  transportation or customer's hands. While customer purchase or plan to purchase our product, the well educated technicians in our supporting team  is ready to service you. If we cannot solve any problem comes with our product, we are guarantee to change or have your money back without hard question asked.

All of our products that we sold have one year manufacture warrantee. Even more than one year, if you got problem with our product, our life time warrantee policy will insure our product always working for you. We say this , we do this. We are sure that you are not only satisfy our products, but also satisfy our service. 





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