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 Making voice clearer, Making world smaller, Making people closer...

  The fast growing headset, microphone, multi-media PC peripherals and cellular phone accessories developer & supplier

Product Register

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Billnic policy required that all new purchased product has to be registered to take warrantee advantage. so it is important to take a moment to register your new product after you bought it.


It is easy to have your product registered online.  Please click the following link to fill out the form to have your product registered today.


Product Register





If you have any problem with your product  registration, please contact us at register@billnic.com, or you can call us for further assistant.



Product Manuals


Product Drives


Q: Does Billnic provide free technical support service?

A: Yes, we do.

Q: If the product that I brought can not work correctly with my computer, may I have it returned?

A: Yes, you can do so. Also,  we provide limited life time warrantee service, even after 30 days, you may still do exchange or have your product fixed.

Q: If I brought some products from Billnic Online Store, would I have same technical support service as these I brought from local store?

A: Yes, definitely.


You can have your product exchanged, fixed or returned, if you brought product from Billnic, but you can not make it work even though you contacted our technicians for helping.

Fix: If the product has some material or technical defective, we will do fix to meet our factory standard for the product that you purchased.

Exchange: If the product that you purchased with material or technical defective, we can not get it fixed, or the product that you purchased already discontinued in manufacturer, we will do exchange for your product.

Return: If you brought a product from Billnic within 30 days, and can not make it work. You can have your product return to get refund*.


Note: We refund 100% for the  product purchasing price amount. Not including shipping & handling cost. in some case, restocking fee may apply for dealer, reseller or distributor.



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